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dimanche 18 décembre 2016

The ski day with the school!

Sunday, December 18th 

Wednesday, we went with the school in a skiing day!
It was organised since a long time and the packages were funded by the banks so we just payed the bus to go! The station was at one hours drive so we left at 8:30. In the bus, we were all very exited: we put the music and Eva and me were a bit stressed because Eva had to rent some ski and for me it was the first time of the years that I go skiing.

The teacher was also a bit stressed because he was thinking that we can't ski. 
So, we arrived, put the ski and directly, we came to the first cable car to go up to the mountain and ski!

We did blue pistes at the beginning and it was really cool!! We did after a lot of red and one black!
They separate the groups in two parts: the faster and the slowly group. I was in the faster group with Alina, Tessa, Eva, Nina, Marlene, Nikky and girls from other classes. In the morning, we skied nearly 3 hours! 

At noon, we ate in a high altitude restorer: we could take some sausages with bread and it was free. I took after with Eva a chocolate cake with ice cream: it was delicious! 

In the afternoon, we skied one hours because we had to go at 15:30 for being at school at 16:30.

In summary, it was a perfect day because skiing is so funny and we were all together!

4 commentaires:

  1. C'est cool de pouvoir aller skier à la journée avec ta classe !! Et tu finis avec le petit goûter qui va bien !

  2. Supers tes photos! Ça donne envie mais ça fait un peu peur! 😱 Bacioni tatouche