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dimanche 11 décembre 2016

The week-end in Stuttgart !

Sunday, December 11th 

Thursday, we didn't have school because it was a public holiday in Austria and for have a big weekend, we also didn't have school on Friday. So, we went to visit friends of the family in Stuttgart!! Stuttgart is a big city (a bit the same population of Bordeaux) in Germany. 

I went already two times there because I also have friends of my family, and I really like this city. We leaved the house on thursday morning with Alina's family but not Alina because she went to London for the weekend with her godmother. 
From Salzburg to Stuttgart, there is 4hours drive, we arrived at 14.00 in Stuttgart. 
The friends were not at home so we went in the city. There is a beautiful and big christmas market with a lot of decorations on the stands. They sell a lot of typical food like Choucroute with pasta, curry wrust, bread wrust, fish at plancha (witch is not that typical ahah)...I saw a lot of Italiens and French people: in the streets there were so many people!!

On the evening, I met the friends who were very sympatics. Friday, we did a big walk in the city, around the house and we saw Stuttgart more precisely, we also did a bit of shopping..
We went to the MarktHalle, a big market bedeckt where you can found a lot of food, shops (decorations) ...

 In the evening, it was plannified that I will meet the friends of my family at the Christmas market and after that, sleep a their house. 
So, we saw them and the family's were speaking, we took something to drink , and after we went (just with my friend family) at the KunstMuseum Stuttgart for see the entire view of the city by night! It was beautiful on the roof! 

They took me in a good restaurant, we went to the Ice Skeating in the middle of the Christmas Market and we went home. I celebrated with them my first Saint Nikolaus: the children get many presents and we opened it with the family! I was very lucky because Saint Nikolaus brought me also nice presents! 

Yesterday, I came with my host family and their friends to a beautiful little city at about 30 minutes to Stuttgart: Tübingen who is a traditional university town in central Baden-Wurttemberg. About one in three people living in Tübingen is a student.
This is a lovely place with beautiful houses, a lot of little restaurants and shops. 
I took a lot of pictures of there! 

4 commentaires:

  1. Je re-ouvre ton blog aujourd'hui et je tombe sur ton super reportage sur Stuttgart. Très sympa, ça donne envie ! Et ta famille à l'air vraiment top! Bisous du Pays Basque où il fait un temps de printemps. Il fait froid chez toi?

    1. Merci beaucoup, c'est vraiment une jolie ville! Oui c'est super! Il neige toujours pas! Mais c'est pour bientot!

  2. Super ton reportage Marie! DE gros bisous de Firenze ��

    1. Merci tatouche (d'ailleurs, ça ressemble plus à un album photo) Gros bisous vous manquez!!