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mercredi 2 novembre 2016

5 days in Switzerland (Laax)

Wednesday, November 2nd 

This weekend, we had 5 free days, because it was halloween so we went to Switzerland, to the house of Alina's grandparents. More percicely we were in Laax, a village in the montains which is also a big ski resort in winter. The view was beautiful!! 

We drived for 5 hours from Salzburg. The first day, we did a beautiful walk in the montains: the weather was really good so I took a lot of pictures, (c'était très agréable) and I saw the montains around the village! We walked on the ski pistes and they explained to me that in winter, we will go skiing here so i think it will be very cool ! 

The second day, we went to Zurich: it's a big city in switzerland wihich is being crossed by a river. It was 1 and a half hours away from Laax. It's bigger than salzburg so I think it's a bit like Bordeaux (for the superficy), It was so cool because I met the family of Alina: her grandgrandmother, the aunt  and uncle of her father, her sister Dominique who is 26 and her girlfriend. We went the old part of Zurich to eat, in an italien restaurant which was very good. I ate a pizza and a panna cotta, miam! Then we walked in the city and we went back home. 

On the third day, halloween, we went to a beautiful restaurant near Laax, the view was fabulous and we took a lot of pictures. We ate a very good meal, the kitchen was very good and the plates were amazing because the cook is a gourmet chef! Afterwards, we walked in the mountains at the end of the day. 

Yesterday, the fourth day, we went to acrobranche (a climbing park) in the morning and we did parcoures: in the beginning, I was a bit scary because I am scared of hights but when we were in the trees, it was very funny!! We did a big fuffy slide behind the forest: I really enjoyed this moment!! 
Then, we went home for the last evening with the grandparents of Alina: we did a game with dices and I won (so it was even more funny ahah!).

This morning, we went back home by car: the 5 hours passed faster than the first trip and we ate in mcdonalds (I learned that his name is Ronald!! ) 
In total, it was a beautiful weekend and I am very happy that I came to Laax! 

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