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jeudi 29 décembre 2016

What are the Austrian stereotypes? Are they true?

Thursday, December 29th

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Like the French people, the Austrians are victim of stereotypes on their country, population, traditions... These stereotypes are abusive generalizations that are not applicable to the entire population.

Here are some examples:

- "The Austrians are rood stocks": the Austrians are often considered like rood stocks because their standard of living is particularly high.
Is it true?
Résultat de recherche d'images pour "les autrichiens sont radins"I think that for me it depends with who you are. My host family is generous and welcoming so I will say that with them it is really not true, for the rest I cannot say if it is true or not because I even don't know if the French people are rood stock (it's also a French stereotypes). It depends of the people that you know even in Austria so I think it's a bit like in France for this. Of course, there are some countries more generous in general because it's in the culture so my opinion is share for this stereotype.

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "tenue traditionnelle autriche"- "The Austrians are mountaineers in traditional dungarees": the first image that we have of an Austrian is a mountaineer with a big beard and a Tyrolean costume. This "Austrian character" witch is imposed in the collective imagination because of the Austrian traditions and the topography of the place, is now really not in the trend!
Is it true?
Résultat de recherche d'images pour "tenue traditionnelle autriche"No! This picture of the Austrian people is not true. The Austrian are as modern as the French people and make shopping in Zara! Of course, because the traditions are very important in this country, I saw sometimes some people wearing this kind if clothes but it was more for fun, shows our disguises!
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- "Austria is a very green country with a lot of mountains": everybody have this first picture of Austria: a small coutry very green with a lot of mountains" because of the importance of ecology and agriculture biologic in this country. Also the picture of the Austrian mountaineers support the picture of the mountains.

Is it true?

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Yes it's really true, Austria is a lot of mountains and big green spaces. It is the pictures that I had in France about Austria. Thus, the landscapes are beautiful and with the snow it's fabulous!

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 ‐ "Austria is the the small Germany": Although that Austria and Germany share the same language (even not the same language because Austrian and German are really not exactly the same)and that Austria was part of Hitler's Germany between 1938 and 1945, they are very different countries on a lot of aspects. Historically, Austria was not a German province but the head of the powerful empire which covered central Europe, the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
Austria have his own culture, both from an artistic and philosophical point of view.
Politically, the extreme right is much more powerful in Austria than in Germany, where parties like this have been strongly lowered.
What do you think about it?
I was thinking that Austria and Germany are the same but my opinion changed and I saw really well the difference between these two countries when I went to Stuttgart (the lifestyle, the city, language, landscapes...)Image associée

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- "The Austrian eat just bread, sausage and potatoes": Ok, this is true. The Austrian eat a lot of bread, sausages and potatoes. This is a food very product in Austria (ex"wurstel") and in the traditions. It doesn't mean that I eat a lot of this because I am in a Swiss family but I see everyday people eating this kind of food. The Austrian eat also a lot of brezels!          
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- "The Austrian are all blond and tall":that's a very famous representation about the population in countries of the North-.Ouest of Europe. Here is the card of the percentages of blond people in Europe.

Geographical distribution of blond hair in Europe: yellow represents 80%, light orange 50-79%, light brown 20-49%, dark brown 1-19% and black 0%.

Image associéeHere we can see that the Austrian are in the light brown part and we are in the dark brown (except for a little part of France)? Thus, they is more blond people in Austria than in France.

What do you think about it?
I really feel that the Austrian people have not exactly the same physic as the French people because there is more blond people and they are taller than in France (I feel small!)

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  1. C'est vrai, ce sont les clichés qu'on a ! Tu nous diras ce que tu en penses à ton retour !
    Et de ça ? Qu'en penses-tu ?!?!?
    I have no doubt about that the most common stereotypes about Italians are : Spaghetti, mafia, musical accent, gestures, romantic, loud, fashion, chaos – these are all words often used to describe Italians and are in fact short definition of italianity.......
    Bisous 😘

    1. Ah ouais tatouche belle analyse franchement ahah!
      Bisous à vous tous !!