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mercredi 26 octobre 2016

Recipe of the day!

Wednesday, October 26th at 19:45

Today, we stayed at home. In the morning, I did a recipe with Larissa (Alina's sister): we did brownies, it was very good so I will show you the recipe:

It's in german so I will translate it in english:


Gives 25 shares. 


- 100g of butter (or of margarine)
- 400g dark chocolate
- 4 eggs
- 200g of sugar
- 2 teaspoons of vanilla sugar
- 2 pinches of salt
- 200g of tree nuts
- 150g of flour


Melt the butter in a pan and add the chocolate. Let it melt and then let it cool down. Add all of the other ingredients including the salt, and then add the melted chocolate. Afterwards add the flour and the nuts. Put the mixture in a prepared cake-pan and put it in the oven. 

Normally, it should give this: 

I hope you will enjoy this recipe (if you will make it)!

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