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jeudi 17 novembre 2016

Fabrication of fresh pasta in class !

Thursday, November 17th

Today, when we arrived in Italian, the students were speaking about pasta. We didn't understand with Eva and they told us that they will made pasta with the Italian teacher.
I was thinking that I didn't understand because the lesson began normally and they did presentations. The second presentation was about pasta so I was thinking that it was just a presentation about it but just after, the teacher took a big bag with a pasta machine and a dought which formed a ball. So we really did fresh pasta!

The teacher did little balls of dought and she passed in one side of the machine: this gave a dought very flattened.

Sometimes it were holes in the pasta because I wasn't enough water and the dought was very thin. So we did an other time and it was better (the teacher kneaded it)! After this, we chose to do "tagliatelle" (a famous kind of Italian pasta) so we passed the pasta in the mold for this kind of pasta.

They come really well and after we made little heaps of the pasta.

 We made this pasta for eating it tomorrow in the class so we placed it in front of the window for let them dry.

I hope it will be very good !

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