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jeudi 10 novembre 2016

The elections of America

Thursday, November 10th

Yesterday was a special day because it was the elections of the president in USA. Last week, my host family, Alina and I were very exiting to know who will become the next American president. We talked a lot about it at school and at home!

The two candidates who are likely to win are Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. I think that it could be good to elect the first  women as American president for the right of the women.

Yesterday morning, the first thing that I did after I woke up is looking on internet who won the election. I saw that Donald Trump was winning with 1% more than Hillary Clinton who was 48%. It missed 40 votes for Donald Trump to win and 75 votes for Hillary.

When I went to school I was checking everytime the progress of the elections and at the first hours in English, we worked about it on the computers with a lot of questions about "How the Americans elect their president" with Alina. In the same time, we were speaking about it and we followed the votes. At the end of the English lesson, we saw that Donald Trump won the elections and is the new American president (with 50% for him and 48% for her).

Now we are waiting for the Austrian elections!!

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