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dimanche 20 novembre 2016

Our day in an Exhibition center!

Sunday, November 20th

Saturday, we went in an exhibition center (a place where there is a lot of exhibitions) for buy ski equipment and for looking the different schools (in rooms equipped with stands).
The students were presenting the different specialities of their schools and there was a lot of activities for trying different works.
We went in first in a place where the people can rent their ski equipment and you can buy ski equipment nearly news with very interesting prices. We stayed here one hour for looking for shoes, helmets, bonnets, gloves for me and the family. Meanwile, Stefan (Alina's father) was standing in line and waiting for rent their ski equipment.

Zone contenant les pièces jointes

When we were finish, we went with Alina looking a parade of clothes that different schools of modelling made, that was very cool to look!

After that,, we walk around all the stands (so a lot because there was 3 or 4 hangars) and we were looking all the schools and speaking about what can be the best or the more interesting for us.
We joined the family for eat (a good foccacia with tomatoes) and then, whe went an other time to look at the stands for Dario (Alina's brother). We separated in two groups because Larrissa (Alina's sister) and me were not very interesting in informatic.
So, we walk around and we did a lot of activities like making our own USB key, we drew with fire in the wood, we sewed a pocket for put candies into, we played golf (I was quite good so I might inherited this from my family!).
So that was a very good day because it's very interesting to try some works, and to learn think that you will maybe do in the futur!
I spent also a very good time with my host family!

Oh yeah also we ate Friday the pasta that we did at school Thursday in Italian and it was so good !!

Alina really likes it!

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  1. Humer intéressant bravo ! Et au fait tôt t'en as pensé quoi des pâtes ?❤️

    1. Ah merci! Hum elles n'étaient pas aussi bonnes que celles qu'on a mangé en Sicile mais "c'est R on s'adapte" comme on dit mdrr