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dimanche 5 février 2017

In summary, my travel in Austria ...

Thursday, February 2nd

I came back to France one week ago and I wanted to do a last article about my mobility in Austria.
First of all, I am very happy that I did this mobility because it helps me to be more mature: this is a very good experience to do because I think that you can grow a lot when you are nearly alone in a country that you don't know, with people that you don't know.
I met a lot of different people and I think that "sharing" was the main word to think about. It's very rewarding to be open to others. I am so happy now to know all of the people that I met in Austria, my host family who was really great and Alina (the perfect host sister).  
I will not forgot Eva who was the PERFECT friend and companion during three months and a half!! 

I also did a lot of progress in learning because I can now adapt myself in differents educational systems, do some presentations in front of pupils or adults that I don't know and speak a very different language. I learned english a lot because I spoke it with Alina, her family and her friends and now I think that I improved a lot about it.

For the german, I will say that I can understand a bit the language but it stays very difficult for me to undersand a discussion or even more to speak. I think that german is a difficult language so you must be very patient when you are learning it. I will maybe continue german because I think it would be pitty to stop after learning the bases!

The teachers told me that I will feel older compared the the students in my class, in the school and my friends. I don't feel a real big difference between me and my friends or my class, I think it just changed a lot compared with the Austrian. For me, I am now with my friends like if  I stayed here because nothing really changed.
Now I just continue my life in France, because it's also good to go back home

For Alina who came back to France with me, it's also going well and I show her Bordeaux, my family, friends ... 
I just think that it will be 5 very cool months together like these 4 months in Austria!!

This blog will finish on this article so in summary, I think that I gown up a lot during this mobility and it was a fabulous experience that I will always remember

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